CS/E Senior Design, 2008-2009

CS/E 181 ABC is a three-course sequence that comprises the Computer Science and Engineering Senior Design Project. For more information on logistics, et cetera, please see the official course webpage:

See also the design document specification (for 181A):

Looking for ideas? A few project suggestions.

Resources for students, including DIY sites, design software, parts and suppliers, and fabrication

My groups

Multi-touch display and games

Peter Anargirou, Gemma Francisco, Casey Kubo, Corey Kubo
A large table display and infrared-based multi-touch interface, along with several games. (You can see the IR leds as purple in the photo.)
[ Group blog ]


Max Nanasy, Chuck Edwall, Sean Kocol, Hieu Le
A helicopter robot. The group interfaced a mote sensor to a remote control helicopter and inertial measurement unit. The helicopter could respond to positioning changes (tilting), or be controlled through the mote's radio communications.
[ Group blog ]

Innovative Spotlight

Melvin Asuncion, Nihar Desai, Vamshi Mannam, Brian Solloway
A spotlight control system. The project uses infrared transmitters to track the position of objects on stage, used an IR camera to sense their position and track their position with two spotlights.
[ Group blog ]

Other CS/E groups

Turtle (The Unmanned Robotic Terra Land Explorer)

David Nguyen, Richard Ali, Robert Woo, Tana Ouitavon
Mentor: Prof. Ian Harris

Optical Wireless Communication

Aaron Peschel, Alonzo Garcia, Nathan Goldstick, Per Sjoman, Akufayerem Nwede
Mentor: Prof. Eli Bozorgzadeh

Project Kraken

Ryan Jenkins, Ilya Sukharnikov, William Chang, Victor Rkha, Adrian Tran
Mentor: Prof. Steve Jenks


Jason Au, Jonathan Mood, Victor Tran, Shuai Tseng
Mentor: Prof. Eli Bozorgzadeh

(Several others not pictured; see this list.)

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