Open-source Code

This page contains links to open-source code written by members of the group or our collaborators.

Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) Toolbox for Matlab
  • Kernel density estimation and many related problems
  • KD-tree data structures for fast spatial computations
  • Includes products of Gaussian mixtures, for NBP

Nonparametric Belief Propagation
  • Example NBP Code by Danny Bickson
    • Uses KDE Toolbox; sample applications from low-density lattice decoding (LDLC), multiuser detection, fault identification and compressive sensing.

Adaptive Inference in Factor Trees, for Matlab
  • Efficient incorporation of model changes into a tree-structured factor graph
  • Model updates take O(log n) time each
  • Query marginal distributions in O(log n) time; maintain MAP configurations in O(d log n/d) time, where d is the number of changes in the configuration.

Markov-modulated Poisson processes for event detection in count data
  • Mote count sensors

Gaussian Process Regression with uncertain time-shifts, used for gene expression time series.

Uses Gaussian process regression to estimate the profile of each gene, while allowing each replicate organism to shift slightly in time relative to the others, to account for biological variation in development speed. (:endif:)

  • Mutual information-based learning
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