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Project Goals

  • Build some puzzles.
  • Working Outline

Relevant Papers

Group Meetings

  • Next meeting: Tuesday 10/14/08 1pm, Bren 4059
  • Regular schedule: TBD

SVN Repository

  • Location: https://sli.ics.uci.edu/svn/puzzle
  • User/pass: Same as the wiki
  • How to access:
    From linux: svn co https://sli.ics.uci.edu/svn/puzzle
    From windows: Alex recommends the TortoiseSVN gui
  • Note: from ICS machines, if you can't find svn, you can run: alias svn ~ihler/public/svnkit/jsvn
  • SVN can do some handy things. One thing I like is to do is put the text $Id$ in a comment near the top of a file, and SVN will replace it with an informative string like $Id: getFeatures.m 30 2008-10-17 17:34:11Z ajfrank $. To enable this feature, you can
    • Run the command svn propset svn:keywords Id <yourFile> on the file of interest
    • Tell SVN to add this property automatically to new files. In ~/.subversion/config, there is an auto-props section. It's pretty self-explanatory.
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